jackalopes are real

They are. Jackalopes are real. I saw one in New Mexico bounding across the desert. Okay, so I didn’t. But I did see a pack of coyotes. Howling on the top of a ridge while taking a walk with my Santa Fe couch surfing hosts. Alright alright, I only heard them. But it was still awesome!

Lemme back up. After leaving my Amarillo adventures, I drove up to beautiful Santa Fe New Mexico.  I can’t even describe how gorgeous it was driving into the city with a golden sun setting behind a backdrop of purple mountains. I’ll be honest and say I’m jealous of those who get to sit on their back porch in the evenings and watch that every night. When I arrived, Terry and Aubrey welcomed me to their home with their three dogs, sun chen, buddy and sunny who were ready for their evening walk. They asked me to join, and I dropped my things in the door and the six of us went for a walk out across the desert. Not 5 minutes into our walk is when we heard coyotes howling pretty close.  Evidently they have been out more often this year and have attacked horses and cattle.  Made me a little nervous to be outside!

The next morning Terry was super helpful and gave me some ideas of places to go. I drove into downtown Santa Fe, strolled through the shops, bought a blanket for future outdoor music festivals (ater Outside Lands in San Francisco this summer, been looking for a good one) and stopped to sit in the center of the plaza teeming with tourists and locals. I felt as though I had stepped back in time and I was still in Bolivia – half expected to see a few sloths hanging from the trees above me.

But ok, now to the best part of the day: Tent Rocks. Now I know you’re thinking, doesn’t she mean ‘tents rock’? Well yes tents do rock, but I’m talking about Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument a little northwest of Santa Fe. Six to 7 million years ago volcanic eruptions left ash and volcanic rock deposits over 1,000 feet thick near Cochiti that wind and water gradually eroded into cone like shapes or tent rocks. And can I just say: Oh.My.Goodness.

This is the view of Tent Rocks from the beginning of Slot Canyon trail.

The winding trail through slot canyon to see Tent Rocks overlook was long and narrow. And unlike any other hike I have done before. North Carolina hiking tends to be through a forest of trees.

An image I captured along the Slot Canyon trail. I could barely walk 10 yards without stopping to photograph something.


I wish my tent looked as cool as these tents do.

Here is one of the views of Tent Rock overlook. So amazing.


I hiked the slot canyon route with the tent rocks towering above me (with my white sneakers not hiking boots because for some reason I left them in San Francisco) and then climbed up above them to see a breathtaking 360 degree view of Tent Rocks, surrounding canyons and mountains. I wanted to stay up there forever, but I had to be on my way – and I woulda been locked in at 6:30, so I really really had to skedaddle.

As I was hiking back down slot canyon, I watched some birds floating, riding the wind in and around the tops of the rocks and something an old roommate of mine Leah Godfrey asked me once popped into my head:

“Have you ever had a super crazy impulse?” She said. “Like what?” I asked.  “Like when you walk by a person sitting with a big plate of french fries in front of them and all you want to do is snatch up a few and take off running? Or (ladies) have you ever seen a gorgeous guy walking towards you and have the urge to shove him against a wall and kiss him?”

I laughed at the time and said no, but that either one of those would end up being epic.  But seeing those birds soaring above a beautiful landscape, I had the super crazy impulse to run and jump. Haven’t wished I could fly in a long time (since like last week) but I really wished I could fly in that moment.

ah well. At least I can fly in my dreams!

The sun was beginning to make her way to bed as I walked back through Slot Canyon to my car.


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